Our Mission

At La Maison Bleue, we are committed to resolving the BBS issue in America. Beverages in America are bitter, boring, and full of sugar. At Bleue, we are committed to using organic ingredients and making all of our beverages low in sugar and delicious for both adults and children.

La Maison Bleue


What sets La Maison Bleue teas apart from others?

At La Maison Bleue, we take pride in handcrafting our drinks daily using locally sourced ingredients from North Texas farms and growers. Our seasonal ready-to-drink teas reflect the freshest produce available, alongside premium Japanese ingredients for an authentic taste experience. We're dedicated to providing healthier beverage options without compromising on flavor.

How do you ensure the quality and safety of your ingredients?

We source directly from growers we trust and personally consume every ingredient we use. Our commitment to quality extends to our family, ensuring that everything we offer meets our high standards for freshness and purity.

What makes La Masion Bleue unique?

Our founder, Anna, infuses creativity into every drink she crafts in the DFW area. Our signature Sakura Cream Matcha has gained viral popularity on social media for its exceptional flavor profile, which is achieved by sourcing the finest local and Japanese ingredients. Unlike imitations that rely on syrups, we prioritize quality and authenticity in every sip. You can only find this level of attention and love at La Maison Bleue.

What makes La Maison Bleue teas suitable for any occasion and lifestyle?

La Maison Bleue teas are crafted to complement any activity, whether it's a post-workout refreshment, a family outing, or a mealtime companion. Our wide range of milk and fruit teas not only satisfy taste buds but also provide a healthy alternative to sugary beverages. Parents can feel confident knowing that our teas are low in sugar, helping combat obesity issues prevalent in Texas. Whether you're shopping, dining, or spending quality time with loved ones, La Maison Bleue teas are the perfect choice for all lifestyles.

Do you offer shipping for your products?

Yes, we provide shipping within the United States for our ready-to-drink teas and Japanese Basque cheese cakes. Please contact us to arrange shipping, as we follow specific fulfillment dates to ensure optimal freshness upon arrival.

How does La Maison Bleue differ from traditional boba tea?

While boba tea has gained popularity, many are seeking alternatives due to its high sugar content. At La Maison Bleue, we offer real ingredient-driven beverages with subtle sweetness and fresh flavors. Even our Japanese cream sodas, part of our dessert lineup, contain less sugar than the average boba drink. We at La Maison Bleue are paving the way to a better tea beverage. Most teas in America are bitter, boring, and full of sugar and at La Maison Bleue we are none of these. We truly believe that true elegance is in simplicity. 

We offer catering!

Yes, we provide catering services for various events. To request catering for your event, please fill out the catering form on our website's catering page. Once submitted, our team will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible to discuss further details and arrangements. We look forward to serving you at your next gathering!

How to stay updated with La Maison Bleue!

Stay connected with us on Instagram at LaMaisonBleue_ for the latest updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and special promotions. Additionally, if you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us via email at Info@LMBCafe.com. We're here for you!

Where can I find La Maison Bleue?

You can visit us at our location inside Mitsuwa Marketplace in Plano, Texas, located at 100 Legacy Dr., Plano, TX 75023.

Our Location

La Maison Bleue

 100 Legacy Dr. Plano, TX 75023

Monday - Sunday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm