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Event Catering with Anna

Event Catering with Anna

One of Anna’s favorite aspects of owning La Maison Bleue is being part of the most special moments in her customer’s lives within the DFW communities. From baby showers and weddings to birthday and graduation celebrations, Anna feels most rewarded for being able to make a direct impact on the special moments in her customers’ lives. She is passionate about curating drinks specific to each event and seeing the whole day unfold.   

If you’re planning your special event soon and looking to provide a unique experience for your guests, you should consider La Maison Bleue’s healthy and organic teas and mocktails. As you can see from photos, Anna’s teas and mocktails are not like your average in Texas. They are healthy, elegant, and have incomparable flavors and tastes which will be sure to wow your guests.  

When planning your celebration, you can choose from a range of:  

  • 1. Organic Black Teas, Oolong Teas, and Jasmine Teas
    2. Japanese Cream Soda, which is made from Anna’s homemade fruit sauce, syrup, and puree.  This tasty soda includes sparkling water and is topped with a scoop of ice cream.

  • 3. Fruit-Ade; think Lemonade but healthier with a variety of fruits. This mocktail is made with the same homemade fruit sauce, syrup, puree and sparkling water.  

If you’re looking to provide your guests with a sweet and dessert-like drink, we recommend including the Japanese Cream Soda. If you also want to provide them with a refreshing and light choice, we recommend adding an order of the Fruit-Ade. We’ve seen our customers have great success when providing a variety of tea and mocktail options to accommodate the sweetness preferences of their guests.  

 At your event, Anna will set up a beautifully decorated stand and personally serve your guests their tea. The entire experience is unlike any other experience your guests have had before and adds a unique touch to your event. Not to mention, the teas are decorated beautifully and come out great in photos!  

Tell us more about your upcoming event by submitting an inquiry online. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible to plan how we can make your upcoming celebration delicious and healthy!  

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