Exciting News with La Maison Bleue

Exciting News with La Maison Bleue

It’s been a busy quarter for us at La Maison Bleue. We’ve been growing to levels we never thought could be reached. We have never imagined these goals could ever be reached. But let us share some updates with everyone!

I might be speaking early on this, but we are meeting with HEB Corporate next week. They loved what we have to offer and would love to have Bleue’s beverages in HEB and Central Market. They are flying down to Dallas to meet with us. I feel quite honored by this!

This has been in the works, but we are VERY close to stocking Bleue’s beverages in multiple Movement Gyms across DFW. We were first approached to do a pop-up at the Design District last year, and we have since grown our relationship with the staff and gym members. Many have asked if we could stock our drinks, and that’s when the journey began! I can say we are 90% there. Almost there, everyone!

We’ve been working on many variations with our CPG project. It’s been an expensive process to get this moving, but we are not giving up. I’ve met many great people who have given us excellent advice for success. Everyone who gave us pointers did it out of love, expecting nothing in return. Trust me when I say this: I have not forgotten any of you. You all will be rewarded. Thank you for believing in us when many said we would fail. It’s stressful, but with everything learned through great leadership and hardships throughout my military experience, I say to all the naysayers: challenge accepted.

We did not do this alone. We had a lot of help from many people and businesses. I want to share and spread the love to others who deserve attention from the community:

  • The Dallas Mavericks – They took us under their wing and have been elevating Bleue to the next level. The team has been wonderful and supportive. The team and the Dallas Mavericks truly have Dallas on their back. It’s been a true blessing. We are going to the West Conference game on Tuesday, and the future looks bright with many partnerships being formed. We at La Maison Bleue truly love what the Dallas Mavericks team does for the Dallas community and what they stand for. Go Mavs! Let’s get it!
  • Elizabeth Chambers and Bird Bakery – We are truly grateful for this relationship. Bird Bakery has given Bleue a footprint and a community to support us. We will always be forever grateful for everything Bird Bakery has done for us, along with the Highland Park community. Y’all are true champions!
  • SMU – The directors and managers of SMU have truly been phenomenal. Greatness is forged through tribulations, but the team at SMU and Bleue have continued to make it happen for us. Thank you to all the sororities that have brought us to their events and let us do what we do best! Thank you, SMU, for giving us the opportunity to have our beverages succeed at SMU.
  • Staycation – When we did a poll on our Instagram Stories, many mentioned that we should be at Staycation. Coffee shops have been a big challenge for us since teas are not the main choice of beverage, but Nicole has been helping us with this difficult task. Thank you, Nicole, for sticking with us. We will make this successful for everyone in Richardson! We truly believe this will happen soon.
  • Mitsuwa – Mitsuwa is our love and hate relationship. It’s where we go on our roller coaster journey. Most times we don’t know what to expect from management, and other times we do. But running a Japanese grocery store in Plano and being the only one, I would say Mitsuwa Marketplace is the most innovative grocery store in DFW. They take risks and allow the market to grow. They introduce the best to the market and allow the consumer market to know what works and what doesn’t. It’s been a journey we are happy to be a part of.
  • Profound Foods – Jeff at Profound Foods. All I have to say is this is the man of the hour! If you do not know Jeff or Profound Foods, you need to fix that. His farm and his vision of foods is truly where the world needs to be. Plus, his chickens look like they are living the life. They are really fluffy, big chickens.

If you want the best milk teas like Okinawa Milk Tea or Matcha drinks like Sakura Cream Matcha, you can only find them at La Maison Bleue!

If you want some of the best fruit teas that have the best presentation in Dallas, taste, and quality ingredients, you can only find them at La Maison Bleue.

There are no other companies like La Maison Bleue. Our beverages and teas eliminate the BBS issue in America. Teas in America are bitter, boring, and full of sugar. We are none of those!

Come by Mitsuwa Marketplace in Plano, TX to find the best teas that Dallas can offer.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting our small business and going through our roller coaster journey we call La Maison Bleue!

We have more news to share in the near distant future. If everything goes well, then we will have some of the biggest brands and businesses aligned with us!

Fingers crossed.

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