Thank You, Texas Today: A Milestone for La Maison Bleue

Thank You, Texas Today: A Milestone for La Maison Bleue

Thank you Texas Today!
Today marked a momentous occasion for La Maison Bleue as we proudly shared our journey with Texas Today NBC5. This experience has been nothing short of incredible. From our humble beginnings, we never imagined that we'd see our story broadcasted on TV. It's a bucket list item checked off, and we couldn't be happier.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to NBC5 for welcoming us with open arms and providing us with a platform to connect with the vibrant community in Dallas. In particular, we'd like to thank Kristin for her exceptional support, making the entire process feel like an enjoyable chat with friends, just with the added excitement of being filmed. Your professionalism and the seamless experience you provided are greatly appreciated. We're excited to return in a few days to serve our beverages to everyone at NBC!

You can watch here LMB and NBC5!

La Maison Bleue and Dallas Community
Our journey would be incomplete without the support of the Dallas community. You embraced our idea, provided valuable feedback, and motivated us to continually enhance the quality of our offerings. Every 'wow' expression upon sipping our drinks has been a testament to the path we're on. We want to express our deepest gratitude to the Dallas Community for being part of this incredible roller coaster ride we call La Maison Bleue.

Our Vendors and Partnerships
One of the biggest challenges that we have is not having a physical location. We have a space in Mitsuwa to make all of our beverages. Anna and I have never thought we would have this level of reach and vendors who are willing to sell La Maison Bleue ready to drink beverages. This is a dream come true and sometimes we believe we are stuck in a looped dream.

We have many new places we are working with to have La Maison Bleue teas readily available but here are the current places you can find La Maison Bleue at:

1. SMU - Thank you SMU for trusting us and allowing us to serve our products to your faculty and students!
2. Bird Bakery - From the beginning you all have been supportive of our business. The love and support from Bird Bakery is second to none!
3. Profound Foods - Jeff. You are the man! What Jeff does is amazing. Bringing nutrition and providing solutions to North Texas, everybody needs to get behind him! Thank you for trusting us at La Maison Bleue!
4. Hamm's Market - Thank you Lacey for trusting our beverages at your business. Hamm's Market is in the heart of Downtown McKinney. Everyone welcome her to Texas and show her some love! Thank you guys!
5. 206 Luster Grill - Thank you for trusting us and carrying our products! We hope that all of your customers are enjoying what we are offering.
6. Mitsuwa - Thank you Mitsuwa for giving us the opportunity and a place to establish our business. We keep Mitsuwa near and dear to us! Thank you!
7. Dallas Farmers Market - This is where our story began, and we continue to be at the Dallas Farmers Market to share our journey with all of you.

We have many other places we are working with and will keep everyone up to date!

Thank you!

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