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La Maison Bleue

Dallas Mavericks Cream Soda

Dallas Mavericks Cream Soda

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🏀✨ Introducing the Dallas Mavericks Cream Soda! ✨🏀

A star from our menu since our early days at the Dallas Farmer's Market, this Japanese Cream Soda has been crafted to perfection, blending the tantalizing notes of tangerines, lemon, and other secret ingredients. Crowned with a splash of sparkling Topo Chico and a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, it's a true masterpiece.

🍦 Mix or savor as the ice cream melts, creating a delightful fusion of creaminess and citrus. A beloved favorite at La Maison Bleue!

Come over and relish the legacy of our handcrafted Japanese Cream Soda, proudly served since 2020. As official vendors of the Dallas Mavericks, we've renamed it to match the team's colors and spirit—the Dallas Mavericks Cream Soda!

📍 Exclusively available for pickup at Mitsuwa. Don't miss out on this winning flavor!

*This is offered after 230PM everyday.*

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